UT has 57 spin-off companies

Each year, members of the University of Tartu create a large amount of new knowledge. A lot of this knowledge can be “translated” into products and services that the market may be interested in. The University of Tartu supports members of the academic family – researchers, employees, students and alumni – in the creation and development of knowledge-based enterprises.

From Science to Business!

The University of Tartu offers its scientists and students a developing program for knowledge-based enterprises up to the total value of 10 000 €.

  • Trainings
  • Coaching
  • Business mentors
  • Lab resources and research counseling
  • Intellectual property evaluation
  • Marketing
  • Team building
  • Cooperation with science parks
  • Financing

Whom the program is intended to serve?

The program is designed for UT researchers, employees and students, who have a knowledge-based and/or escalating idea.

Program is outlined in 6 months phases with maximum duration of 3 years.

Apply to the program

What happens after the program?

After the program you can start successfully operating in the market or continue developing your company in various science and business parks in Estonia, including Tartu. We have good co-operation with these parks and can help you to file an application.

UT spin-off companies

The University of Tartu (UT) has 57 spin-off companies. In total they are providing employment to 500 top specialists and their yearly turnover reaches 40 million euros.

Reference list of UT spin-off companies