Commercialisation of intellectual property

In the University of Tartu, intellectual property in managed by the Copyright Law and the Rector’s directive “The order of management of intellectual property created in the University of Tartu”. Consequently, the points an employee of the University should consider are as follows:

  • The proprietary rights to the intellectual property created in the course of their duties is owned by the University of Tartu.
  • The University of Tartu takes all financial load and business risk to protect  and commercialize the intellectual property. This is done by the technology transfer office.
  • In the event of a successful commercialization of intellectual property, the University will transfer 65% of the income (after taxes) to the personal bank account of the author and 15% to the development fund of the institute in which the intellectual property was created.

Supporting the creation of a spin-off business

Each year, members of the University of Tartu create a large amount of new knowledge. A lot of this knowledge can be “translated” into products and services that the market may be interested in. The University of Tartu supports members of the academic family – researchers, employees, students and alumni – in the creation and development of knowledge-based enterprises.