We define the spin-off as a company, which, in agreement with the university, wishes to accentuate its link with the university for the development of business, and whose founders and/or partners are the university and/or its staff/students, and which uses the university’s intellectual capital and/or infrastructure in their actions. Intellectual capital includes knowledge, information, intellectual property, experience, etc.

Spin-off enterprises related to members of the University of Tartu   Field of activity                                        Link to home page
Reach-U AS (until 07.01.2016 Regio AS)IT – programming http://www.reach-u.com/
Estla OÜAppliance construction – laser technology, opticswww.estla.com 
Airel ASAppliance construction – measurement and navigation equipmentwww.airel.ee 
Lumifor OÜDosimetry studies and services
TorroSen OÜBiotechnology – biosensors
Asper Biogen OÜBiotechnology – development and serviceswww.asperbio.com
Myoton AS Appliance construction – diagnostics equipmentwww.myoton.com 
Icosagen AS Biotechnology – genetic diagnostics equipmentwww.icosagen.com 
Icosagen Cell Factory OÜ Biotechnology – cell biology products and serviceswww.icosagen.com 
SYNLAB Eesti OÜ  (until 18.05.2015 Quattromed HTI Laborid OÜ)Biotechnology – genetic diagnostics equipment and serviceshttps://synlab.ee/
Maatark OÜEnvironmental studieswww.maatark.ee 
Kinasera OÜBiotechnology – development and production of biologically active substanceswww.kinasera.com
Immunotron OÜBiotechnology – immunological accelerated tests – 
Biodata OÜ Information Technology and Biotechnologywww.biodata.ee 
BioDesign OÜBiotechnology and healthcare services
Autoseir OÜ IT –  monitoring of moving objects
Mandragora OÜRestoration, binding, conservationwww.mandragora.ee 
Filosoft OÜSoftware publishingwww.filosoft.ee 
TBD-Biodiscovery OÜBiotechnology serviceswww.biodiscovery.eu 
Eesti Loomeagentuur OÜ Creative industries managementwww.loomeagentuur.ee 
Positium OÜ IT – geopositioning products and services www.positium.ee 
Fubitech OÜ IT – programming, consultingwww.fubitech.com 
Wesse Engineering  OÜ Design and production of wooden furniturewww.wesse.ee
M.R. Therapy OÜ Physiotherapy products and serviceswww.vireo.ee 
KPA Scientific OÜ Biotechnology – transgenic serviceswww.kpa-scientific.eu 
Teadusmosaiik OÜEngineering consultation, advertisingwww.teadusmosaiik.ee 
Kompaktfilter OÜ Development of ecological sewage treatment plantswww.kompaktfilter.ee
Eesti Rakenduspsühholoogia Keskus OÜ Psychological consultation, product development
Weel OÜ Restoring, traditional constructionwww.weel.ee 
Nutriferm OÜ Biotechnology – development of food supplements
Vivid Aim OÜ IT – development of cloud technology softwarewww.vividaim.com 
ETC OÜDevelopment of toxicology databases
Nordic Botanical OÜConsulting in ecology and botanics, product developmenthttp://nordicbotanical.eu/en/ 
GreenBead OÜDevelopment of nanomaterials for molecular diagnostics www.f6s.com/greenbead   
Rewild OÜSoftware solutions for animal ecology and zoogeography www.rewild.ee  
Cloudberry Solutions OÜBiodiversity informatics software and the related infrastructurehttp://cloudberry.ee/
Fysiokeskus OÜDevelopment of physiotherapy serviceswww.fysiokeskus.ee 
Keelekord OÜWriting, translation and editing of academic texts, development of software solutions supporting scientific language and linguistics http://www.keelekord.ee
Osherel OÜDevelopment of information technology services
Majaseen OÜConstruction Mycology http://www.majaseen.ee/ 
Crystalspace OÜ Space technologies, satellites, and software solutions required for development of those http://crystalspace.eu/ 
Eesti Turbauuringute New materials and technologies based on local natural resources,  – 
Keskus OÜespecially in the peat and renewable raw materials
Ergoway OÜNon-medical health, safety and ergonomics research and developmentwww.ergoway.ee 
Psühhobuss OÜExperimental Psychologywww.psyhhobuss.ee/
Perfect Cosmetics OÜ Skincare product manufacturing, research and developmenthttp://luminordic.com/
Building numerics OÜ Development of computational methods  for indoor climate and energy useagehttp://www.buildingnumerics.ee/
Robotimeister OÜ  Robotics and product development services – 
Eesti Materjaliteaduste Arenduskeskuse OÜ Advanced lubrication solutions based on Ionic  Liquids and Nanoparticles
Fysio Centrum OÜ Sports Injury Prevention and Research Centrehttp://tartuhpc.ee/
Captain Corrosion OÜ The characterization, development and testing of materials and the popularization of science www.captaincorrosion.com
RootBioMe OÜDevelopment of food- and biotechnologyhttps://www.rootbiome.com/
BlueRay OÜ Developing products and services using VR technologyhttp://www.blueray.ee/home/
Prudens OÜExperimental and applied psychologywww.prudens.ee
Ketita Labs OÜQuantum computer software, hybrid quantum-classical high-performance computingwww.ketita-labs.com/
LeapMetrics OÜLeapMetric helps you manageyour business more effectivelywww.leapmetric.eu/et
Antegenes OÜWe develop and implement advanced genetic tests based on polygenic risk scores technology for major complex diseases (cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc.) to enable personalized prevention measures and programs.antegenes.com
LightCode Photonics OÜDeveloping imaging solutions and building software defined 3D cameraslightcodephotonics.com/