University of Tartu leading a Horizon project that will make security control faster and safer

An international consortium led by researchers from the University of Tartu (UT) and start-up GScan OÜ received 7.5 million euros from the European Commission to create a large-scale prototype of a cosmic-ray tomography device. In the course of security checks, the device would enable border control, customs and law enforcement authorities to detect illegal goods in trucks and sea containers safely and fast. Read More

Researchers found a reason why COVID-19 may be life-threatening

University of Tartu researchers participated in a study published in Science, indicating that about 10 per cent of young and healthy people who develop severe COVID-19 have misguided antibodies that attack not the virus, but the immune system itself. Another recently published study showed that another 3.5 per cent of such patients carry a specific kind of genetic mutation. In both cases, the patients did not have type I interferons that are essential in protection against viruses. Read More