9 new projects started in spring 2021

Maido Merisalu


Develoment of portative equipment for desinfecting masks and other items and purifying air.

Sven Anderson

Coding of natural language on machine code level (hardware-software).

Riho Runnel

Specialist of Simulation Studies

Training device for applying arterial tourniquet.

Chagri Ozchinar

Assoc. Prof. at iCV Lab

IMCB: Interactive Multi-Camera Broadcasting

Avid Azandia

PhD student of Botany and Ecology

Introducing next-generation (safe and user-friendly) electrophoresis apparatus; upgraded instruments, novel solutions for current limitations and green production.

Ave Matsin

Lecturer in Estonian Native Textile

Creation of a science based Estonian Wool Factory.

Kim Duong / Joel Kuusk

Porject HYPSTAR (HYperspectral Pointable System for Terrestrial and Aquatic Radiometry) – a new hyperspectral radiometer integrated in automated networks of water and land bidirectional reflectance measurements for satellite validation”).

Karl Klein


Project INWAY for monitoring maintenance of industrial equipment.

Martin Timusk

Associate Professor in Material Science

Alco-gel based fuel tablet with silicon compounds.

15 new projects started in autumn 2020

Triinu Visnapuu

Associate Professor

Levan type saccharides have great potential in cosmetics and pharmaceutical Industry. We have developed a method to produce levan less costly and in larger quantities.

Pärtel Poopuu

M.A. Student

The aim of Prudens OÜ is to develop and offer psychological trainings based on research and methodology.

Pablo Scodeller

Senior Research Fellow

“CRAB Therapeutics” – Oral compounds to attack Tumor-Associated Macrophages

Tanel Vahter

PhD Student

Research data and methods to evaluate and increase soil biota and fertility.

Hannes Kollist


The aim of the team is to work out an innovative solution for analyzing plant performance in the field.

Liina Lamson

M.A. Student

HelpingHand App is made to improve the quality of life of the ageing population in Europe. HelpingHand App helps you to find a helping hand for housework, shopping or running other errands. Thanks to a helping hand elderly people can continue living at home.

Allan Tobi

PhD Student

The aim is to develop a diagnostic genetic test panel for altitude sickness and other diseases occurring in heights. Our main customers are mountain hikers and climbers, sportsmen training or competing in high mountains and soldiers.

Hanno Evard

Research Fellow

We are developing simple test methods measuring the amount of small molecules (such as pharmaceuticals or pesticides) in blood samples. These tests are necessary in therapeutic drug monitoring.

Tauno Talv

M.A. Student

Half automatic internet service tool for the CEOs of SMEs to increase the value of the company. We make the evaluation of the current status of the company and suggest ways how to increase the value.

Kadri Tüür

Research Fellow

The need for different ways to spend quality time alone has significantly increased in pandemic conditions. We want to create literary hiking trails.

Indrek Must

Associate Professor

In the UT soft robotics we offer simulation training tools for medical and health care professionals.

Gea Kammer

UT Pärnu college

Cloud Crowd. Our aim is to create an open air waterproof modular roof system made of special strong material.

Heli Valtna

Senior Research Fellow

We create new generation LIDAR solution creating 3D images in real time, applicable in automotive industry.

Liina Joller-Vahter

Junior Research Fellow

The company Power Algae OÜ has been developing growing technologies of microalgae applicable in our climate conditions since 2012.

Sander Ratso

PhD Student

Up Catalyst produces a variety of graphitic materials and synthesizes metal nanoparticle modified catalysts out of secondary raw materials. We turn CO2 to pure oxygen and carbon.